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B.C. Educational Technology User Group


Collecting our history  --- see the Stories page as it develops!!


ETUG is collecting stories about its history and the people who have contributed to its successes over the years. These stories are also about the growth of educational technology in BC and we want to hear from everyone who has a story to tell.  


We’re looking for anything that helps capture the early days of educational technology in BC. These might be memorable ETUG moments, humorous or poignant moments form your own institution, or significant lessons learned along the way. We want to collect photos, videos, audio, written memories, old or new blog posts and even e-mail can help capture our collective history.


Besides using these as a historical archive, we’ve got some exciting plans under way for a video retrospective to be launched at ETUG’s 15th birthday bash on June 18th, as part of the Canadian e-Learning Conference. Please help us capture our history by share your ETUG e-memoribilia in your favorite medium -


In VoiceThread (a link and more information below) or by e-mail bcetughistory@gmail.com or on the Stories page in this wiki  Stories page (you're here now, add your stories!). Tag it etug15!


We need your input before the end of April … so don’t wait.



How do I share my stories for ETUG, 15th Anniversary Celebration using Voice Thread?

There are 3 easy steps and one bonus step.

Click 'register' to create an account

Upload a mug short so everyone can see your smiling face

click 'comment' to see the options for recording (phone only works in U.S.)

Come back any time to listen and add more!

Don't worry! You can preview your recording and try again if you sneeze or someone starts to grind coffee in the background.




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